Bubba Gum

Bubba Gum is the Sweetest Nostalgia

A counter with bar stools in a general store with a soda fountain.
Sweet dreams are made of this— Bubba Gum, our newest indica pre-filled cartridge. One hit will inspire nostalgic memories, like picking out that powdery pink bubble tape at the ice cream shop. Immediately you’ll hear synth-y pop music, see your old roller skates and feel the click of your CD player.
 A Bubba Gum OozeX oil cartridge is attached to an Ooze pen and is laying on an unraveled roll of bubble gum tape against a bright purple background.
Similarly, this feel-good strain expresses a sense of safety we associate with childhood. Bubba Gum completely envelops you in a state of relaxation and contentment, making it perfect for winding down after a day that was just too… grown-up. If you want to escape adulthood for just a moment, Bubba Gum will transport you to a simpler world. 
A Bubba Gum OozeX 510 thread oil cartridge is standing upright on top of a piece of pink bubble gum. The bubble gum packagin is next to it and has the OozeX logo.
Bubba Gum is also ideal for right before bed for this reason. Unlike sativa strains, indica-forward strains aim to calm the mind instead of stimulate it. They focus more on the body, and Bubba Gum surely delivers that full-body buzz that just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
A young woman laying on a blue plaid blanket outside has sunglasses on, earbuds in, and is blowing bubblegum with her hands resting above her head.
Drift off with the nostalgic and peaceful feelings of not having a care in the world that Bubba Gum inspires. You’ll wake up feeling more refreshed than ever after a night of colorful bubble gum-flavored dreams.