Grape Inferno

An OozeX Grape Inferno cartridge is laying in a pile of grape candies against a purple background
Overwhelming, stressful days call for the wine of OOZEX oil strains. Grape Inferno is a relaxing indica that instantly slows down racing thoughts and offers an emotional pick-me-up. Because of this, Grape Inferno pairs perfectly with bubble baths, fluffy blankets and good books.
A young tan female is laying on a lounger by an outdoor pool eating a bunch of red grapes
Don’t try this strain if you have a productive day ahead of you. Grape Inferno will calm not only your body but your mind, which makes it ideal for switching gears after a busy day. You’ll be perfectly at ease daydreaming and might find yourself staring off into space, so get comfortable before hitting this strain. Grape Inferno explodes with fruity grape flavor on the inhale and finishes with a mild, earthy terpene taste.
An OozeX Grape Inferno indica oil cartridge is attached to a purple Ooze Slim Twist Pen and is next to a can of grape Faygo and a pile of other grape candy
Keep it handy for those nights where you can’t seem to stop replaying the day in your head. When you’ve done all you can possibly do (which you have, because you’re a rockstar), let Grape Inferno free your mind from the stresses of the day.