How to Use an OozeX Oil Cartridge

OozeX cartridges are pre-filled cannabis distillate oil cartridges. As far as smoking weed goes, this is one of the easiest, most straightforward ways to get your fix! The oil inside has already been “activated” or decarboxylated, so it’s as simply as assembling your vape device, powering it up, and taking a puff.  


OozeX was created by Ooze, the accessories brand that produces the best-selling vape pen ever: the Twist Slim Pen! While using Ooze pens and OozeX carts is easy enough for anyone to figure out, Ooze does have some best practices for making the most out of every smoke session with OozeX. 


What is the Best Vape Pen for OozeX Cartridges? 

We may be slightly biased, but we have to say hands-down, without a doubt, the absolute best choice in vape pens for your OozeX cart is the Ooze Twist Slim Pen. This is Ooze’s bread and butter, their flagship product that has been sold and loved by millions all around the world! 

These devices are lightweight, portable, and discreet. The Twist Slim Pen is the same width as the OozeX cartridge and can slide in and out of a pocket or bag with ease. Pop the cartridge out of the package and screw it onto the top of the device. Click the button 5 times to turn it on, then turn your attention to the dial on the very bottom. We recommend starting at the lowest voltage option with your new OozeX cartridge.  

510 thread cartridges have an atomizer coil on the bottom, which makes the connection with the vape pen. If the voltage is turned up too high, it can fry this coil, which will make every puff you take after taste burnt and unpleasant. We put too much work into making sure our flavors are perfect to risk you burning and ruining the taste of the entire cartridge! Start low and increase the voltage slowly if you absolutely need to. You can always turn it up, but you can never un-burn a coil. 


How Do I Clear a Clog in My Cartridge? 

Try as we might, it’s nearly impossible to completely prevent an oil cartridge from clogging a bit after a period of inactivity. When the warm oil sits, it cools, and sometimes the leftover vapor residue in the airflow valve can cause a mini air blockage. You’ll know immediately if this has happened with your cartridge. It will feel like there’s a stopper in there somewhere, making it super hard to take a pull. 

There’s no need to strain your lungs to solve this issue! Ooze pens are built to tackle this super annoying problem. All you need to do is run a cycle or Prep Mode before taking your first hit. Click the button twice; the button light will flash green, heating at a lower voltage for 15 seconds. This will get the oil warm again, and you should easily be able to clear the clog with a strong inhale! If it’s still stuck, run a second cycle of Prep Mode and you should be good to go. 


How to Keep Your Vape Working Properly 

Like any weed accessory or device, it’s going to need to be cleaned every once in a while. The connection where your cart and the battery meet is notorious for collecting all kinds of dirt, grime, and debris. If you prefer your voltage turned up all the way, you’re more likely to have a bit of sticky resin leftover, too. Over time, too much build up can prevent the cartridge from making a good connection with the heat source, and the battery will just flash. This can be super frustrating! 

To avoid this annoyance, make a habit of cleaning that connection. A qtip and alcohol does the trick, but there’s always a risk in applying a liquid to a battery. We recommend using an Ooze Resolution Res Wipe to clean the gunk. One side has little scrubber dots, and you can apply more force by stuffing the wipe down and around in the threads with a cotton swab. A little effort goes a long way! 


Ooze Backs it Up with a Warranty 

While the Slim Twist is by far the most popular battery style Ooze makes, they also offer a range of different models with different shapes and features. No matter what type of battery you decide is best for you, you’ll have the peace of mind that your device is backed up by a warranty and you can easily obtain a replacement device if you ever encounter an issue. Every single vape device Ooze produces is covered by the Ooze Warranty Program as soon as you activate your warranty by registering it with Ooze as soon as you get it! 

Here are a few of our other top choices for pairing with an OozeX cartridge: 


Quad Battery 

The Ooze Quad is a square-shaped vape pen that eliminates the risk of your pen ever rolling off the edge of a table. If your pen has ever rolled away from you, dropping on the floor and cracking the precious cart, you know that this pain cuts deep. With the Quad, your cart is secure and stuck in the spot you put it down, no matter where that spot is. 

The Quad is also equipped with an automatic shut-off feature, which makes the battery life on this baby insane. The battery turns itself off after 10 minutes of inactivity, which preserves battery cells that would be wasted if the device was left just sitting on. This is a great choice for taking with you for a day out of the house. 


Vault Battery 

The Ooze Vault battery is a sneaky little devil that always has a trick up its sleeve. This flat, rectangular battery has a hidden storage compartment on the bottom that can stash a backup cartridge. We’ve always got a few carts laying around somewhere, so this makes it easy to make sure you have a replacement cart in case you and your friends drain yours.  

You can also go back and forth between two different flavors. Keep a sativa for daytime and stash and indica in the vault for when the sun goes down. Have your high friends gather around, and blow their minds when you unveil the hidden cart! Become an OozeX magician with the Vault. 


Tanker Battery 

The Ooze Tanker is a straight-up tank! This hefty, badass vape is a heavy hitter and goes the extra mile to keep your OozeX cart protected. The cartridge nests in a thermal chamber that only the mouthpiece sticks out of. This adds a strong layer of armor for any accidental drops. The thermal chamber is also an excellent feature to have during winter months. It keeps the oil warm, so you get a full hit every time. If the oil is super cold from being left in the car overnight, it can take a while to get it heated up enough to vaporize. The Tanker speeds the process up and provides power for all-day use. 


We really can’t recommend the Ooze brand of vape pen batteries enough! The Ooze crew has been at this game for years, and they continue to improve and upgrade their products. Not many vape brands offer a warranty, but Ooze is so confident that their pens are the best, that they offer a warranty on every device for sale on the site. If you’re in search of the perfect pair for your OozeX cartridge, the Oozelife site is the X that marks the spot!