OozeX Concentrates Have Arrived!

Attention dabbers— concentrates have finally dropped! This new launch is just another way OOZEX is truly making the Ooze world your one-stop-shop for everything cannabis. Our new concentrates include four unique Live Resin strains of varying textures and one strain of THCa Diamonds, a crystalline concentrate. No matter how saucy (or not) you like it, we’ve got a strain for you.


Live Resin Strains

As soon as our plants are harvested, they are flash-frozen to preserve every last cannabinoid. The end result is a rich, terpy Xtract that makes it easy to find your perfect level. That means OozeX Live Resin strains are literally oozing with natural terpene flavors!

 A girl with long light blue acrylic nails is holding an OozeX concentrate jar upside down to show the spinner carb cap grooves.

Each Xtract comes in a 1g glass jar that is, of course, reusable. Even more than that, the jars have grooves on the bottom so you can use it as a spinner carb cap! We really try to think of everything here. Check out our delicious new flavors and textures below!



A purple OozeX GMO live resin graphic that indicates terpenes and feelings.


You can never go wrong with a classic strain like GMO! This Xtract resembles almost-melted butter that is thick, smooth and contains barely any sugar grains. It’ll sock ya right in the face with a dab that’s rich with cinnamon, hops and lemon flavors. If you’re looking to really knock out after a long day or just get into deep relaxation, GMO is sure to get the job done.



A purple OozeX Gushers Live Resin graphic shows the concentrates and indicates terpenes and feelings.

Experience the burst of bright, fruity flavor of Gushers in dab form. This saucy Xtract is the perfect dessert and even resembles the consistency of the center of an actual Gusher: thick and goopy, but holds its shape. Just like a packet of Gushers used to make you feel as a kid at the pool, this strain provides a sense of euphoria and bliss.


Lemon Swirl

A green OozeX Lemon Swirl sativa Live Resin graphic shows the concentrates in a jar and on a dab tool, and indicates the terpenes and strain's effects.

Pucker up, Lemon Swirl is comin’ in hot! This sugar wax delivers a blast of sweet, pine and citrusy flavor that’ll perk you right up. With the clarity, relief and calmness it evokes, Lemon Swirl is perfect for morning dabbers.


Maui Wowie

A green OozeX Maui Wowie sativa live resin graphic shows the concetrates in a jar and on a dab tool, and indicates terpenes and the effects.

Looking for break from the norm? Load your banger up with the uplifting Maui Wowie and let it rip. This strain has a sugar consistency that looks like tiny, sparkling diamonds in the right light. It holds its shape and is easy to handle with minimal stick. The terpene flavors of hops, pine and chamomile will remind you of a tropical island immediately on the inhale. 


THCa Live Resin Diamonds

OozeX Live Resin Diamonds are truly the crème of the crop. THCa Diamonds are only the hard crystals, like glittering canary diamonds, that are easy to load up and enjoy. These THCa crystals are formed in terpene-rich sauce and then separated from the sauce to make your experience simple and mess-free, but also to perfectly balance potency and flavor.


Ginger Snap

An orange OozeX Ginger Snap THCa diamonds graphic shows the concentrates in a jar and on a dab tool, and explains what diamonds are below.

Ginger Snap THCa is the Xtract version of drinking an energy drink! Give yourself a boost with these gorgeous diamonds that won’t leave your dabber sticky. If you’re about to head to a party or you’re having friends over, this strain is your go-to. It will have you feeling energized, uplifted and talkative—ready for a busy day or night!


Ready to give OOZEX new concentrates a try? Check out all our Live Resin strains!