Aim for Reusable Cannabis Packaging Designs!

We love everything multi-functional, and we strive to be deliberate in the designs of each product. That means even the packaging for our disposables and concentrates serves other purposes. Not only does reusing help the environment, it helps you out, too! Here are a few ways to use the packaging from your favorite products for future storage.  


1. Use the airtight packaging from your disposables

A white girl's hand is holding an Orange Burst OozeX disposable vape. The vape is connected to the base of the packaging and the top is next to it in her hand.

Our disposables come in an airtight tube with silicone end caps. Once you take out the disposable, these are perfect for stashing rolled joints! The tube provides protection against them getting crushed in your bag, and the silicone caps keep them nice and fresh until it’s time to light them up.


2. Keep bud and wax in concentrate packaging for years to come

A white girl's fingers with long light blue acrylics holds an OozeX glass concentrate jar upside down to show the spinner carb cap grooves.

OozeX concentrates come in an innovative glass jar that has a spinner carb cap built into the bottom! The grooves etched into the glass create a vortex when you dab straight from it. This makes your wax go much further, so keep on using it as an accessory for future concentrates!


3. Keep Mylar bags from your dispensary purchase handy

A white girl's hand with cobalt blue nails holds two mylar bags, a large 1oz Planted branded bag and an 1/8oz mylar with a Harambe Pie design. 

After your next trip to the dispensary, keep that Mylar bag for when you need to store in a smell-proof container. Mylar bags are also airtight, part of what makes them smell-proof, which will keep bud fresh for a long time. Plus, they lay flat unlike a glass jar so you can store them anywhere when they’re not in use.


4. Buy weed in bulk for the large glass jars

A white girl's hand with cobalt blue nails holds a large clear glass jar over a swirly gray floor.

Next time you replenish your bud stash, buy in bulk. Not only will you save money, you get the keep the big glass jar it came home with you in. Once it’s empty and you’re ready to re-up again, wash out the jar and reuse it for infinite purposes.  Who couldn’t use another glass jar around the house?


5. Save pop-top vials for taking a bit on the go

A white girl's hand with cobalt blue nails holds a small pink pop top vial and a black cone tube with the lid open.

Don’t just toss those pop-top vials your joints come in. These little airtight treasures are great for taking a personal amount of weed with you out on the town. Of course, they’re also great for future joints you rolled yourself and want to throw in your purse to take to a friend’s.  


Why not get more from your favorite products? All it takes is a little extra mindfulness to save the packaging, and you’ve got airtight, smell-proof container for all your nugs, wax, joints and more. Stay green (in more ways than one), and reuse, reuse, reuse!