Sour Banana Sherbert

Sour Banana Sherbert is a Sweet Heavy-Hitter

A bowl of banana sherbert with slices of bananas on top is on an outdoor table with two spoons next to the bowl. 
All you sweet and sour fans—this strain is for you. Not only is it strong in its effects, but this strain is an entire flavor journey, so just like a sweet sherbert dessert, savor the hit.
A slice of apple is next to a full granny smith apple, which is sitting next to a Sour Banana Sherbert OozeX oil cartridge against a green background.
Sour Banana Sherbert has sharp notes of diesel and tree fruit, which compliment each other and distinctly present themselves during the smoking process. Notes of sour fruit quickly progress to an intense flavor of diesel during the inhale. The exhale cools everything down like a sweet treat at the end with smooth notes of banana, apple and pear.
A banana is resting on a yellow toy truck next to a Sour Banana Sherber OozeX oil cartridge attached to a yellow Ooze Twist Slim Pen against a bright yellow background
The sherbert aftertaste is the best part, aside from the effects that completely parallel the flavor journey. Sour Banana Sherbert is a true hybrid, giving energized thoughts and equally as many body tingles. You’ll feel stimulated and relaxed at the same time, making it a great strain for those who tend to get paranoid or anxious when they smoke.
 A young black girl is smiling and wearing a yellow sweatshirt and jeans is holding the yellow Ooze pen with a Sour Banana Sherbert OozeX cartridge attached.
You might feel inspired to do chores around the house, but will feel peaceful and at ease while doing it—so much so that you’ll probably reward yourself with a nap afterwards. Like the gentle caress of banana flavor at the end of the hit, you’ll feel relaxed and sleepy. This makes it a great after-work strain, because by the time the energizing effects wear off and the tiredness sets in, it’s bedtime!