Strawberry Haze

Explore Your Imagination with Strawberry Haze

An overhead shot of a collage of different pink objects with an OozeX Strawberry Haze cartridge attached to a pink Ooze Slim Twist, strawberries, and other pink items on a pink background.
We bottled the famous Strawberry Haze in a portable (and appropriately dainty) cartridge! This sativa-dominant strain is sweet, earthy and floral, like strolling through a strawberry patch on a sunny day. It tastes almost better than it smells, replicating the refreshing first bite of a strawberry with a crisp, sweet aftertaste.
A zoomed-in shot of a pink collage of items on a pink background. An OozeX Strawberry Haze cartridge is attached to a pink Ooze Slim Twist.
Even though this all sounds very innocent, Strawberry Haze is intense and even mind-bending (in the best way). Although a very cerebral high, it’s uplifting and euphoric. Allow your imagination to run wild with this strain, because any anxiety will be long gone after the first hit.
A brunette white woman wearing all pink is laying down while smoking an OozeX Strawberry Haze cartridge on a pink Ooze pen. She is exhaling smoke.
The combination of energy and relaxation decreases your inhibitions, making Strawberry Haze perfect for brainstorming any creative endeavors. Put an end to writer’s block, start sketching your next masterpiece, or fiddle around on the guitar. It might just be your best piece yet. And, even if it’s not, you’ll feel fabulous about it in the moment. (Maybe don’t present anything until the next day).