Tropicana Punch

Tropicana Punch is Sunshine in a Can 

A Tropicana Punch OozeX oil cartridge is attached to an orange Ooze Slim Twist Pen that is laying on an arranged pile of orange slices.
We can’t stress the importance of vitamin C enough. Of course, “C” here at OozeX is cannabis, and our new oil strain Tropicana Punch is chock full of it. Since it’s a hybrid, Tropicana Punch will boost positivity while keeping you calm and relaxed.
An orange Ooze Slim Twist Pen with a Tropicana Punch OozeX cartridge attached is leaning against a can of Faygo Orange Pop. There is an orange Air Head, orange and green candies, and half of an orange arranged in front.
You’ll feel confident and cool as a cucumber (or an ice cold Tropicana) all at the same time. You might be motivated to call your friends and have a casual day out on the town or get to work on some fun projects at home. Although your mind is energized on Tropicana Punch, your body will feel weightless, thanks to this strain’s pain-killing genetics. And, as far as the flavor goes, it’s citrus-y, bright and sweet, like sunshine in a cartridge.
An OozeX Tropicana Punch oil cartridge is standing upright in a square dish of yellow sand with green and orange candies surrounding it.
Tropicana Punch is one of those versatile strains that basically does whatever you want it to, whether that’s chill you out or energize you. Because of this, take a hit of Tropicana Punch any time of day— just like orange juice. Dr. Ooze’s orders!